Authentic luxury

The term “luxury” has a very special meaning for us that I would like to explain. Luxury is generally associated with glitz and glamour. At Meindl we view it rather differently. For us, there is nothing loud about luxury. It is quiet and discrete. For us, luxury means authenticity.

We believe that luxury means how and where something is produced, and the material used to make it. That’s why we use the term “authentic luxury”. We constantly ask ourselves what we can improve in our products without taking away the product’s character and history. For us, luxury means exclusivity and an obvious timelessness, and the choice of the right material for each garment. Our products will never be mass-produced and will always be made from materials that are subject to natural capacity limits and follow environmental principles.



There are capacities in terms of craftmanship, tanning and ultimately production which naturally limit our products. And precisely for this reason, each of our products is a highly individual and unique garment that represents a modern culture and living history.


Meindl means more than just fashion, more than a single collection. It is the start of a whole new relationship. A connectedness with genuine old values and respect for tradition are translated in a modern setting – all creative things originate from the heart and an internal dialogue.

Clothing reflects the soul. It emphasises the wearer’s personality.

Tradition in leather

Real suede has always been more than just a material for our family. For many decades we have been dedicating ourselves to the traditional processing of this material. My father Hannes, his brother Alfons and of course my grandfather Lukas Meindl placed great importance on the maintenance and conservation of this unique material.