The Meindl brand cooperates with the hunting association

Rügen is the northernmost part of Germany.
The largest island in Germany has an area roughly
comparable to the size of the Berchtesgadener
Land, the southernmost part of Germany.
From a bird’s eye view, the Berchtesgadener Land is
a big pile of high mountains and Rügen an island surrounded
island surrounded by the Baltic Sea.
Nevertheless, both have a lot in common.
The wonderful nature, the tourism, large areas
that are sustainably hunted and used for agriculture
and, in particular, people who are proud of their region and
region and who protect flora and fauna and
and care for them responsibly.
Last year (May 2022), I was invited to visit the island of
the island of Rügen for the first time. Thomas Nissen, President
of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Hunting Association,
invited my family and me to visit him.
When we first met 2 years ago, he always told me how
always told me how beautiful Rügen is and how great
hunting is there by the sea. He wanted to show me and my
and my family.
I have to admit, I was surprised and impressed
by what we were all able to experience up there.
Incredibly friendly and hospitable people.
A cultural landscape whose flora and fauna
and the Baltic Sea, a sea that fascinated us all,
that fascinated us all.

“The Berchtesgadener Land region is a
from a bird’s eye view a big
pile of high mountains and Rügen
an island surrounded by the Baltic Sea…”

"I had no idea of the incredible diversity and density of wildlife on Rügen."

I had no idea of the incredible diversity and
and density of wildlife on Rügen.
Roe deer and fallow deer in large herds, large stags,
mouflons and wild boar, foxes, hares and pheasants,
hares and pheasants.
All during an extended stalking walk over the
gentle hills and through the island’s forests. A
sight that every hunter dreams of.
That evening, over a glass of rum and a cigar

In this way, they can still
people a lot of pleasure.
Sustainability has been at the forefront in Rügen for many years.
front line. The meat from the animals is processed locally on Rügen
and marketed regionally. You won’t find more sustainability
and appreciation you will not find
anywhere else so quickly.
An exemplary attitude towards animals and people.
People get excellent meat and, from this year
products that are processed from the skin of the animal.
processed from the skin of the animal. This saves a lot of natural resources
resources and protect our environment.
A small contribution to making our world a little bit better.
a little better.

sitting in front of the open fire and philosophizing about hunting,
we both had the idea of a “North South
Rügen collects the blankets from the hunted wild animals
and we tan and process the leather into great
No sooner said than done. In September 2022, several thousand
thousand blankets were collected by the individual game processors
and hunting associations and brought to our tannery.
Previously, the blankets were either disposed of or
simply buried on site.
Now the blankets are being put to good use and
processed sustainably.

This usually involves work. With beautiful
work and with people who have an appreciation
for what they and we do.
With a great deal of personal commitment, Thomas Nissen has convinced his
convinced his hunters and colleagues that we should continue to
more of these associations and hunters in the future to
to collect the blankets professionally
and thus become part of a circular system.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hunters and
hunters and their organizations who are already
already participate or want to join this sustainable
cooperation in the future.